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With this I present my first skin that I deemed good enough to be published on WT live, including a damage model. Included is both a TGA and 4K DDS version for people who like to use one or the other. Although the aircraft did not carry any weapons in real life, the ingame version keeps them all for pinguin massacre capabilities.


The aircraft
The skin represents OL-A36 of the Belgian Air Force, (OTA-BC) which was part of the Belgian South Pole Expeditions during 1964/65 and 1965/66. The aircraft ultimately met its fate when it crashed at the Brasschaat Air Base on the 18th of September 1974.


The Alouette II in the Belgian Air Force
Belgium ordered a first batch of 17 Alouette II helicopters in 1957. These were soon followed by more orders spanning no less than 81 aircraft in total, using registration codes A-01 to A-81. Of these A47 to A77 were build by the Belgian aircraft manufacturer SABCA. After the introduction of the Agusta A109 in 1992 the Alouette II started to be withdrawn from frontline use, with the final Alouette II retiring on the Ninth of September 2009 (09/09/’09).

No Alouette II were crashed for the creation of this skin








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