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Combat aircraft and colour accuracy


With my previous post I have spend on time on colours and their accuracy from production and reproduction standpoint and standardisation. This time I would like to focus a bit more on their application with combat aircraft in the field.

Accuracy of paints
So the question you all have. Is German Grey 2 from this generic paint branch the most accurate or not? The answer may ever so frustratingly be yes and no. While these paints give you an accurate tone, it is not the one and only Devine tone.

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What you didn’t know about colour research


Those who follow my builds and read my articles from time to time know that I don’t go hardcore on paint colours. And there are several reasons for that. But I figured should elaborate on the reasons why because as I am sure some would love to say, it isn’t because of laziness.

As a (Graphic) Designer and somewhat ‘forced-to-be’ Art student at the same time, you learn a lot of things when it comes to colours and how they used to be created, produced today, recreated on screens, seen by our eyes, what they may or may not convey, to even the actual psychological effects they trigger in your brain.

As such, below I will try elaborate in easy terms on maybe the four most important reasons why you shouldn’t go too hardcore into accuracy of paint tones and why the idea of colour accuracy is quite complex and just that a liiiiittle bit more complicated than a simple ‘this is right and that is wrong’.

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What I wish to see in 2017


Although it has been hard to keep track of all the great kits being released nowadays, there still are some big holes to fill in the market. Since we’ll be receiving a barrage of newly announced kits soon, here’s what I would really like to see announced and released in the coming months. Let’s have some wishful thinking now shall we?

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3D Printing, the future of scale models?

As with everything, things change and evolve, and with new technologies come new possibilities. One of the most famous upcoming technologies right now are 3D printers.

Although they are not cheap to get right now ($1000 to ten times that number), prices are dropping each month. Thereby, unlike the ink cartridges for your regular printer, the material to keep them running is quite cheap.

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