Here is another Nakajima Ki-27 skin! This Manchukuo aircraft was part of the ‘Mukden Aviation School’. Included are two DDS versions (4K & 6K) and a TGA version, all with working damage models (though the TGA one is slightly different).


The Ki-27 in the Manchukuo Air Force
The Manchukuo Imperial Air Force was the air force of the Empire of Manchuria, which was essentially a puppet state of Imperial Japan. The base of the air force stemmed from the Manchukuo Air Transport Company, which undertook transport and reconnaissance missions for the Japanese military. In 1940 the Japanese government decided to create a fleet school for civil and military Manchukuo pilots. The program suffered a major setback when roughly one hundred pilots rebelled in an attempt to join the guerrillas after murdering their Japanese instructors. Nonetheless the project to create an air force for Manchukuo continued and three fighter squadrons were formed from cadets in 1942. Some Manchukuoan pilots were also given kamikaze training and downed at least one B-29 by crashing a Ki-27 into it. In total the Manchukuo Air Force received twelve Ki-27 aircraft.









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