Here is another skin I made of a Nakajima Ki-27b which was part of the ‘National Government of China Air force’. Includes are two DDS versions (4K & 6K) and a TGA version, all with working damage models (though the TGA one is slightly different).


This aircraft was part of the ‘Chinese National Government’ inventory during 1942 and was based at Nanking Air Force base, which was part of the Chinese occupied territories at the time. During May 1941 the Japanese opened an aviation School as part of the ‘Air Force of the Reorganized National Government‘, receiving three Tachikawa Ki-9 for the training of Chinese pilots. Later on the air force received additional Ki-9 and Ki-55 trainers and multiple transport aircraft.

Although some Ki-27 were provided in Nanking (prepared with some questionable insignia), a Chinese fighter squadron did not come to fruition. This was because the Japanese did not trust the pilots enough to give them combat aircraft, mostly because morale amongst the ‘Reorganized Government’ pilots was low and a number of defections with trainer aircraft had already taken place.

No Ki-27 were crashed for the creation of this skin







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