Presenting my second Ouragan skin here is actually a Toofani from the Indian Air Force. IC555 from the 29th Squadron ‘Scorpions’, carrying the prolific nose art used by the squadron’s aircraft. It didn’t turn out as my favorite skin, but I’m sure some people will enjoy it nonetheless. Enjoy this camouflage in both 4K and 2K DDS or original sized TGA file types. The drop tanks are also corrected for the markings and should work as intended when they are put into use within the game.


The aircraft
Seen here is Dassault Ouragan construction number 247, carrying ID code IC555, which was one of the initial four Ouragans delivered to the Indian Air Force in October 1953. The aircraft was first handed over to 9th squadron, but was later seen amongst an aircraft line up of 29th squadron “Scorpions” carrying the typical squadron mascot art on the nose at Gauhati air force base.


The Ouragan with the Indian Air Force
When the United Kingdom threatened the continued supply of parts for the already acquired IAF DeHavilland Vampires, the Indian government decided it was needed to evaluate other sources for air force fighters. It was found that the French Ouragan proved to meet the requirements of the Indian Air Force, and subsequently placed an initial order of 71 aircraft. These were to be similar to the standard production variant, but were outfitted with updated Nene 105 engines.

By October 1953 the first four aircraft were delivered and received the Toofani nickname (meaning as much as ‘Ouragan’/’Hurricane’ in Hindi) with the remainder delivered by mid 1954. In 1957 two more orders were placed for 20 and 13 ex-l’Armée de l’Air machines, bringing the total of Indian Toofani’s up to 104. The aircraft saw combat service in various conflicts. It carried out airstrikes during an engagement with the Portuguese forces based on the island of Diu, ground-attack missions against anti-government rebels in Assam and Nagaland and recon missions during the Sino-Indian War in 1962. On the 24th of April 1965, one aircraft strayed over the border with Pakistan and was forced to land by a PaF Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. The pilot was returned but the aircraft was interned and later put on display at the Pakistan Air Force Museum at Peshawar where it still resides today.

By the mid-50’s the Toofani was considered obsolete and replaced by the Mystère IVA in 1957. The aircaft remained in use as a training and target tug aircraft.y the time of its retirement in 1968, the type was to have been used by the IAF for nearly fifteen years.








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