The Hawker Sea Fury is simply put the ultimate British carrier propeller fighter based on the Hawker Tempest. Although it was introduced at the end of the propeller fighter age, it served well into the fifties with various airforce. Presented here is TG117 of the Royal Canadian Navy, an aircraft that was destined to be of service with the Winter Experimental Establishment. Operating in the northern regions of Canada, its wings and horizontal stabilisers were painted in bright red/orange for easy identification. Although delivered in original British Royal Navy colours in 1948, all Hawker Sea Fury’s were repainted in correct Royal Canadian Navy colours when they were due for painting during their service life.


The kit used to create this model is that of Trumpeter in 1/48 scale, which provides for a good model but not one I would like build a second time. In size it is almost comparable to a P-47 in wingspan and fuselage length, but since the wings can be folded you can make it fit onto a relatively small diorama. The kit has its fair share of accuracy issues but I did not address them with this build. For the markings I used an aftermarket set of Mike Grant decals which provides markings for several Sea fury’s, including stencilling for two machines. They are of good quality and would not mind using them again if I were to build another machine.