The Supermarine Attacker is another machine that perfectly fits the list of early jet aircraft that was brushed aside quickly. Although it used the special wing concept of the Supermarine Spiteful, it was still a straight wing design. Combined with the mediocre Rolls Royce Nene jet engine and the rapid evolution of jet aircraft resulted that the machine disappeared from active service just as quickly as it had appeared. The particular machine presented here was in service with 1831 Naval Air Squadron, which I depicted as if it would be on exercise at one of the Royal Navy’s carriers sometime during the 50’s. 

The Supermarine Attacker FB.2 kit is one of those often overlooked British subjects that Trumpeter decided to tackle. Although it fits great and the outside detail is nice overal, the kit is very basic and straightforward. Sadly, the Attacker lacks the popularity for the aftermarket to jump in and therefore not much can be found to make the model really stand out. Not to worry though as the kit itself does provide a sound platform to create a simple but good looking Attacker. For the markings I used the same Xtradecal decal sheet as I did with the Spiteful. Sadly I should add that this time the quality of it really let me down, with several decals ripping to pieces and others ill prepared to be applied to the model. They are however still more accurate than what is provided with the kit.

f-attacker-backtopcloseup f-attacker-back f-attacker-frontcloseup f-attacker-backtop f-attacker-topfront f-attacker-backvert