The Supermarine Spiteful started out as a variant of the Spitfire without the legendary elliptic wing. Instead a new type of laminar wings based on a paper on compressibility was placed on a fuselage based on that of the Spitfire Mk. XIV. While it offered better overall performance than contemporary Spitfires, the wing displayed some undesirable behaviour at the stalling speeds, which Supermarine wanted to be fixed before production. An updated design introducing a new fuselage made the machine the machine so different from the Spitfire models that it was subsequently named the Spiteful.

That updated design was airframe NN664 as is seen here, which also introduced the five-bladed propellor. NN664 was mainly used for redeeming handling problems mostly caused by the original Spitfire mk.XVI tail it still had. It quickly made clear that the plane needed a bigger tail and a Spitfire Mk.22/24 tail had been mounted later on in its life.

For this build, the recent Trumpeter kit was used in combination with an aftermarket set of decals from Extradecal. The kit in itself was easy to build thanks to its low parts count but also the great overall fit of the kit. Only the bottom of the fuselage needed some putty and sanding to make it all line up perfectly, but other than that, it was a good straight forward kit. Also the decals provided no trouble during application. Aside from the kit, I did do some scratchbuilding in the cockpit and use some spare decals to create some more depth in the spartan looking cockpit provided from the kit.

The diorama was also a straight forward procedure by making ‘a layer of mud’ and pouring imitation grass on top of it. The setup was based on an actual photograph of the NN664 prototype, adding some wheel blocks and the pole which I assume was placed near the prototype for scale purposes.