On the 11th April 2017 the Belgian Air Component organised the Belgian Heli Days Spottersday. It was to highlight the many rotary aircraft in service with the Belgian Armed Forces at this moment in time. Not only were we able to see many different types of Belgian military aircraft, but also a number of foreign machines which included a Czech Mi-24 Hind, a Dutch and USAF AH-64 Apache, an Austrian Alouette III, as well as many other machines.

During the event we were able to photograph these aircraft coming, landing and preparing their aircraft for display during the main event which was organised the next day. We also had the opportunity to photograph several static aircraft and ground equipment spread out over the base.

The event also highlighted several active duty anniversaries of several Belgian aircraft. The Agusta 109 Hirundo celebrated its 25th anniversary within the Belgian Armed Forces, while the Alouette III crossed its 45th service year of operational duties. Despite their age both aircraft still remain very active types within the Belgian Air Component.


A number of walkarounds have been photographed during the event, but at the time of writing I have not yet had the time to organise and upload them.