The gallery below contains walk around imagery of a Westland Wessex H.A.S. 1 which can be found at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum in Doncaster. Built in 1966 the aircraft originally received the construction number WA267 and was registered as XS887. As part of the Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group collection and the airframe is (luckily) currently undergoing restoration.

Luckily I was at the right place at the right time to photograph parts of the interior (which can be found further below) as it was due for it’s timed check-up. Despite the museum’s difficulty in allocating funds and the current poor state of the airframe, the aircraft will be returned to its former glory (as the group did with their Westland Seaking several years ago). Meanwhile we got an interesting subject which displays both the weathering effects of a long term static aircraft and a view of the original paint colours of which the hues visibly are far and few between. Only the front engine panel and marking on the left side of the aircraft were repainted since its arrival at the museum.