This gallery consists of a Mercedes Unimog in service with the Belgian military servicess. Introduced in 1996, the Belgian Unimogs have been serving faithfully with the Belgian armed forces during many operations. Pictured below is a Mercedes Unimog U1350L 1.9T 4×4 JACAM. This version is a modified 1995 Unimog Cargo variant which was adjusted and specialized for usage with the Belgian special forces. This conversion was conducted in 2010 by the Carat Security Group – Carat Defense CC R & A. Some of these modifications are a movable electronic winch, reinforced suspension, infrared headlights, intercom system, armament mounting point, PSP plates multiple launch platforms for smoke grenades, a second spare wheel, amongst other things (source: Belgian Defence).

These pictures were taken at a spotters day sometime during the spring of 2017 at Beauvechain airbase. Due to the state of the machine it was obvious that it has received a recent overhaul, or that this machine is one of the better surviving Unimog examples in the Belgian inventory. Nontheless this truck type (amongst the other Unimog types) will be replaced by new vehicles in the coming years.