Newsreel: Reviews!

newsreelHey there! It’s that time of the month again to take a look at the updates that have been added since last time we had a newsreel!

So no builds were completed since last time, but I did add some new reviews!
The F-100D Thunderbirds kit from Trumpeter was added, along with some decals from Aeromaster for F-100D kits. But it wasn’t only about F-100D’s this month, a review for the latest Tamiya Ba-64B in 1/48 scale has been added as well! Be sure to check them out in the review section!




What is coming? Well a few new reviews are in progress of being written, as well as a build that is entering it’s final stages, which as always, you can check out on the Facebook page!

Hope to see you again next month! Until next time!