SCU: Winging my plans

And on the last day he wrote…

His Scale modeler’s Union post.

Yes I know, I’m threading the needle with my post this month, but I’ve been rather busy with many things. But, I’m cramming this one in because I can. So, let’s get things done!

“Do you plan and prepare for every step of your build’s process or do you wing it as you go?”

Well, I pretty much plan most of it to a certain extend.

For example, I will never start a kit without knowing what markings I will finish it in. There might be some doubt wether or not I will do markings A or B, but I know it will be one of those. Other than markings and (aftermarket) products I want to use, you could say I wing it from there.


Like the diorama’s for example. I kinda know what setting I want, but I don’t know if I will add some barrels or a truck or just some dirt and grass. Colours? Well let’s start looking which ones I need to use. I just pretty much take it day by day. But in general I do know where I’m going and what I want done.


Usually what happens is, I see or review a kit, and I go crazy in my mind what it might look like once finished. Do an extensive search on finding pictures of the aircraft in question, and then put everything aside for another day, as I already have three kits on my bench that I feel like, “I have to finish these first”.

So in the end, I have a bunch of things already planned out. I know what I want the model to look like, and what product I will use so I won’t get bogged down, but other than that, I pretty much wing it from there.

sprue-cutters-unionCheck out the Sprue Cutters Union webpage to read other takes on this subject!

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