Here I present my Red Baron Fokker Dr. I. It was flown by Manfred von Richthofen, who was the biggest World War I Ace, having achieved a total of 80 Victories over allied aircraft. Most of these were scored in Fokker Dr I’s, but he also achieved some victories in other planes, including Albatros D.V’s.

In total Manfred flew nine different fokker Dr. I’s during the conflict. The one presented here is the aircraft he flew his last and fatal mission with. A common misconception with this aircraft is that most people think these Dr. I’s were all red, but actually there were only a few, in particular only those that Manfred von Richthofen flew were painted red. By the 16th of january, Manfred had assumed command of the fighter squadron Jasta 11, which ultimately included some of the most elite German pilots. Ultimately he was shot down by Australian ground troops on the 21st of April 1918 after he had flown deep inside enemy territory.

The following commander of Jasta 11 took over the red paint sheme,  but when he was shot down as well and was replaced by Hermann Göring, the commander’s aircraft livery was changed to white by Göring.




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