A little bit out of the usual aviation subjects I build, I’ve build thi 1/35 Land Rover Ambulance from Tamiya. This kit was given to me for free over the internet as a token of appreciation for beeing a member on a certain forum. I played with the idea of what I could do with this truck for a while and suddenly had the idea to build it like some sort of race car.

My favorite section of racing motorsports has always been the things like WRC and Paris-Dakar. Most inspiration came from the motorstorm series (a videogame on the playstation consoles) and designed the look of the car completely by myself.The kit does show its age, but still is a fun and special kit to build nonetheless. I also added some more details with a little kit which was packed with extra detail stuff used to stack inside the back compartement of the Land Rover to recreate a sort of racing styled living space to sleep in. The window protection meshes where scratchbuild with some styrene plates and different meshes I got from different places. I also weathered the model with a mix of pigments bought at a local crafting store. The look I was going for was a car that didn’t look perfect, but good enough to race with and could easily be replaced if the car would crash.









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