This walk around gallery consists of a single Belgian Airforce Westland Seaking, number ‘RS02’. These photographs were taking on the SAR Meeting hosted at the Koksijde airforce base, which is also where the Belgian Seakings are based. It provides a great view of a BAF Seaking on active duty, showing a few weathering details, like the uneven ‘danger’ markings found on the tail. It also sports an unique decal that was first shown to the public on this event!

A special thanks also goes out to the ground crew, as they were willing to move the aircraft around for us photographers so we were able to take beautiful photographs of the aircraft in the evening light!

The ground crew posing in front of their BAF Westland Seaking mk 48 'SR02'.


Interest in a more ‘unique-looking’ BAF Westland Seaking? Take a look in my other BAF Seaking walkaround which features the RS05 which is painted in a special paint scheme to celebrate its 25th active service anniversary.