SCU: New dog, old tricks?

Wait, don’t you mean ‘old dog, new tricks’? Nope, since that’s not a typo I’ve written there, but don’t worry about it, I’ll get to that in a minute.

Now, I’ve wanted to join in with the Sprue Cutters Union blogfestivities, since I always found myself in these questions that were on the chopping block. The lack of time, a blog and other things kept me from actually doing so. But as the 2015 train arrived and the Union was making a comeback, I figured I should jump on while I still could.

So I probably better stop with the introductions and get to the point, topic this month is:

What New Products/Techniques Will You Purchase/Attempt This Year?

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure what I want to try this year. Especially product-wise. Maybe a better way to say it is, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to try everything I want with all my graphic design classes going on (which are, believe me, pretty damn time consuming). But there is another thing, I’ve been in this hobby for a small 5 years now and I’m a pretty slow learner. I like taking my time so I won’t screw up. Throwing myself into the deep is one thing I do not really like if I don’t have my inflatable arm bands on.
And since I’m a new dog due to how new I am to the hobby, the things I’ve mastered so far are pretty basic in my book and probably old for you guys. I assume the projects that I am planning on attacking next are not exactly that special. However, there are a few things I really want and will do.

More colors!


So, what do I want to do first? Well, until now I have been building pretty much single tone aircraft, a good example is my last project, the Swedish blue-toned Spitfire, with a minuscule red spinner. I consider it to be one of the best builds I did so far, since I tried pre-shading for the first time and I pulled it off quite well. It made me question myself why I didn’t try it earlier because it was so easy. But even with this personal victory there is something that doesn’t feel right. Yes I wanted a Swedish plane for a while now in my collection and yes it looks great, but I still feel that bitter taste because I just did a one tone aircraft again.

So, next time I want a two tone aircraft, and I don’t mean something like a red tails Mustang. I’m talking about camouflages! And I have already found a perfect guinea pig, but revealing that one is for another day.

Bigger is better?

boes Not only a lack of colors is a problem for me, because when you take a look at my display cases with my work from the last 3 years, something becomes painfully apparent. Yes, painful like ‘that-moment-you-notice-that-bulge-sticking-out-between-the-legs-of-that-woman-winking-at-you-from-the-bar-you-didn’t-realize-was-a-drag-queen’ kind of apparent. There are only single engine fighter aircraft and they’re rather small too…That plus my stash is starting to take huge proportions, bigger than I actually feel comfortable with. So I want to get rid of a few bigger boxes. Not through selling, but by building them.
A dual or triple engined bomber wouldn’t hurt. So I’m going to take a few bigger boxes with some medium size aircraft to construct, so I can fill up the displays and downsize the stash… If I can at least start slowing down on buying cheap, old second hand boxes.

That smooth shine

box Now aside from multi-engined machines I still have a bigger fighter that is on the bench. Yes I’m talking about that Late war Jug I have been working on since early september. And since it is an -N type, that means it should get a natural metal finish. It is already prepared for painting it with Alcad, which has been laying around for three years now. I never tried it before but I think I really should. And what I should do as well is tape of some panels to paint various panels with different shades of Tamiya and Gunze paint, just so I can show it off a bit more!



Yes, rigging… There. I said it. That’s my final and probably most intimidating resolution. The dreaded rigging is a very feared subject in our community and probably rightfully so. Fastening small wires using a tiny amount of glue on a small plastic model you just completely painted is no small feat and it isn’t really something many look forward to. Push the wire to hard and it will fling off. Go ahead and re-glue it again, until you screw up on your perfect paint job. I actually planned to rig a plane before, when I was building my Red Baron Fokker. I ended up not doing it, which I still somewhat regret.

But, there is another reason why I am not that scared anymore, and that’s because I have found the perfect material (well somebody got it for me actually). A mate from my local IPMS chapter shared his wiring material with me. It’s thin, black, strong, and get this, it’s elastic! So you can hit and push it as you like, it won’t break off! Plus I got a pretty good idea how I can make some attachment points for a small price.

So, those are the main resolutions I got for this year, maybe not all that material related, but I’ll have to brush up on techniques if I want to pull it off. Let’s hope I’ll got ’em done by 2016.

5 thoughts on “SCU: New dog, old tricks?

  1. Jeroen Vantroyen says:

    Haven’t done any rigging myself, but picked up a recent tip : put CA glue on the plane (where you want to attach the wire) and prepare your wire with accelerator. Instant cure.
    Welcome to the Union!

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