Newsreel: Reviews Reviews Reviews!

newsreelHello everybody! It is perfect time to take a look at the updates that have been added since last month’s newsreel! And as you probably guessed by reading the title, it was all about the reviews! And not by the smallest amount either, as the amount of reviews more than doubled from five to eleven, which can be seen below. hasegawaDrakenrevellhelldiver testorsmysteryship ariialabbas ItalerijerrycanAfter receiving some feedback from various places, I decided to add a price range to the kits, as well as a given personal score to each kit. Please take a look yourself and let me know what you would like to see reviewed next, as well as any feedback if you might have any! I also wrote an article to inform people what they should expect when building their first armored scale model. If you have a friend who wants to get started, but has no idea how or what, then this is the place to go to! With regards and see you next time, Ninetalis!

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