SCU: Your inner beauty

Another month, another Sprue Cutter Union’s question. This time, The combat workshop has us discussing a very prominent idea in the hobby, Is there any use with detailing the inside?

This is one of those questions that does not really have a right or wrong side to it. It is as however you see fit. If you feel like spending large amounts of time working on the radar that will be hidden by the nose cone, than who am I to tell you not to? People often lose themselves wanting to make the best ‘whatever they’re building’ out there. It is in our nature wanting to be the best, and so it translates into our hobby.

Now of course, what is the use of it all? Is it really necessary to recreate the construction framing inside the empennage of your Bf-109? My opinion is that it depends what your drive is. If recreating the aircraft to the micrometer is your fetish, then sure, why not? Adding stuff ourselves that wasn’t in the box in the first place is always fun and makes us feel good, but it should never become so that it tires yourself down to never finishing anything.


ACADEMY’S 1/48 P-47N cockpit, constructed without the use of aftermarket detail

Personally, I usually don’t bother to much with stuff you won’t see once completed. If you got a cockpit you can look into, then sure I want to add as much detail as I can, but there is a reason why I paint my cockpits with spray-paint cans and paintbrushes instead of my airbrush like I do on the outside. I want to do it with the least amount of effort to get a great enough result. After all, there is only one person that you need to satisfy, yourself and nobody else.

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