Losses of the Belgian Air Force during the 18 days Campaign

On the 10th of May 1940 the order is given to the Belgian pilots, “Clean the skies!”. The Belgian high command hoped that they would be able to remove the German Luftwaffe from the Belgian skies. It will be completely in vain, as will be evident when not even 18 days later the Belgian government is forced to capitulate.

77 years later, the consequences of this order will act as a base for this project.

Hoping to shine a new light on this short but fierce conflict, my search would lead me across Belgium through several museums to the University Library of Defense. Not only has this material been combined and visualized in a distinctive ways, the actions of our Belgian armed forces during this historical era are often underexposed. In order to achieve this result, it was necessary to personally (re)create the contents found in this book. This does not only include the technical drawings and the many iconic squadron symbols, but even the English text, as most material on the subject has only been (re)produced in French or Dutch over the years. As many designs had to be personally examined and (re)designed, this work has resulted to lead to many unique (re)presentations of the information which has been provided.



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