Kangastus/Mirage (Kangastus meaning ‘mirage’ in Finnish) is based on an interview with Kari, a friend of mine who was born in the US from Finnish descent, lived most of his life in Finland, but now lives in Belgium and works all over Europe. The interview focused on our mutual hobby, building scale models. While Kari also loves posting beautiful pictures about all kinds of things on his Facebook page, not one single photograph reveals the slightest hint to his mayor hobby.

This is the main plotline of the project, with the title ‘Kangastus/Mirage’ referring to the image we create of ourselves on Facebook. It is not an uncommon theme on social media to only tell what we want to give away about ourselves in the digital world, which often differs so much from the reality of our daily lives. Armed with a selection of Kari’s personal Facebook pictures, I tried to tell the story of his hobby while only using the photographs he posted on his personal page. These image were then combined with a selection of experimental silk-screen printed illustrations to combine word and text in the final product.




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