The Polski Squadron font is the result of a request to create and produce a working ‘hairline’ font on a tight schedule of 3 weeks. The inspiration for this project was taken from the ID numbers found on the Polish (and to a lesser extend Soviet) aircraft.

As it was intended to create something which was inspired by, rather than copied from, I went through a few collections of photographs and created a baseline grid to work on. While only a ‘hairline’ version was originally requested, several other variations were created as well. All of these can be seen down below.



Process of creation


Collecting various cases of the font applied in the ‘real world’, for example on this MiG-15 which was captured in Korea and is now on display at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia, USA.

Some sketches of characters found on various aircraft like a Polish Air Force MiG-21 or the Lublin R.XIII.

First rough draft of an upper- and lowercase alphabet version in ‘regular’ weight.

Very early rough draft of the ‘hairline’ weight version.

Fletched out version of the of the ‘hairline’ weight on a custom made baseline grid specially made for the font.


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