Below is the collection of skins I have created for the War Thunder game. In essence these are files uploaded to the War Thunder Live website, where people can download them to replace certain standard files found in game in order to change the look of the vehicle.

Although anybody is free to create what they want, the skins I create are all reproductions of historical paint schemes. Although these are ‘user-created’, several of them have been made available in game officially or won competitions organised by the War Thunder developers.

Officially added to the game via marketplace
JASDF F-104J Sea Camouflage
JASDF F-4EJ ‘Amigo’ Gunnery Meet 1989
JASDF F-4EJ改 ‘301st Hikotai 40th anniversary’
L’armée de l’air MD 450 Ouragan 1/12 Cambrésis
Bundesgrenzgeschutz Alouette II

WT Live competition winners
Starfighter competition – Historical / Service camo (For air forces in game)
1st place: JASDF F-104J Sea Camouflage


All skins ordered per vehicle

IL-28 Beagle

F-104 Starfighter

F-4EJ & F-4EJ改

Alouette II


Alouette III


Mitsubishi T-2


Douglas Skyraider


M.D. 450 Ouragan


F-84G Thunderjet


P-51D/K Mustang


Fiat CR.42


M24 Chaffee


AMX-13 Series


Ki-27 Nate


Spitfire Mk.XVI